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How to Install HACS on Home Assistant On Docker

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How to Install HACS on Home Assistant On Docker

  1. Connect to your docker container, make sure to use your container name:
docker exec -it [YOUR_CONTAINER_NAME] bash
docker exec -it homeassistant bash
  1. Paste the command below in the terminal window.
wget -O - | bash -


  • CTRL+V not working for you?

    • Try CTRL+SHIFT+V instead
    • Try SHIFT+INS(insert) instead
    • Try Right-click instead
  • Having issues accessing in the terminal?

    • Try it with instead
  1. HACS will be downloaded. When it’s done downloading, restart the container.
docker restart homeassistant
  1. After Home Assistant reconnects, select Settings, then Devices & Services.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your settings menu.

Home Assistant Settings

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your integrations.

devices and Services
  1. In the bottom right corner select add integration.
add integration button
  1. Search for HACS and select it.

Open your Home Assistant instance and start setting up a new integration.

  1. If you agree with everything, select all options and then Submit
HACS Terms
  1. Copy the code that Home Assistant provides and then select the link to sign into GitHub.
Github Activation
  1. Sign in to GitHub, then paste in the code from the previous step.
Github Device Activation
  1. Select Authorize HACS.
Authorize HACS
  1. Congratulations HACS is now installed! you can choose an area if you like or just press finish.
HACS Success
  1. You should now see the HACS logo in the sidebar.

If the logo wasn't added to the sidebar preform a hard reset to your browser:

  • CTRL+F5  Windows/Linux
  • CMD+SHIFT+R On Mac